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I haven’t had a chance to make a public announcement about this but I got BSOD a couple days ago which was a real let down since it made me lose some renders, progress, and school work. Fixed up enough to recover some work and essentials but I need some time to sort out the things I need, especially school stuff  but I’ll do my best to catch up and keep making art. Apologies for the inconvenience

As for the piece, heres a set for good ol pink boi here.  I should probably now mention that his name is Jamie so it’s easier to call out lol. For this “refined” sketch set, I was tinkering around with brush settings more with this one so you’ll see some images with softer, thicker lines and others with more thin but bold lines. Experimenting with reconfiguring my “confident” and “sketch” brushes so I can feel more of a flow when drawing on tablet without having to think too much about the amount of pressure i put, the wisps, and all that technical mumbo jumbo. Essentially I’m trying to make it so it feels more natural like how I draw on paper.

For instance I want the “sketch” brush to obviously feel more like pencil ( I feel that was self explanatory ) and I want the “confident” brush to feel more like how I use a pen or a mechanical pencil on paper when I doodle outdoors. For the piece itself, theres not so much to say honestly other than the usual pap I say in how fun it is to not worry about cleanliness and the energy I can demonstrate when I don’t need to refine it but you’ve heard me say that like a gazillion times. Hope you guys like!